The Most Advanced Platform For Crime Reporting and Crime
Analytics Ever Invented.

Forget Next Generation.
This is a Revolution.

iWatch Apps raise awareness for crime prevention, generates public support for local crime fighting efforts and deepens the relationship between law enforcement and communities.
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iWatch Features With iPredict Dashboard

Track Tips

Have the ability to track tips by user, offense, reporting area and more.


Reports received may be auto-responded or live response (ie: Dispatch or CID).


The Dashboard can integrate to CAD to display offense, and can send tip content back to CAD for Dispatch.


Search multiple variables, such as date, offense, keyword, or UCR.


Scalable to connect multiple jurisdictions, to share locally, regionally or statewide.


Tips are mapped on Google maps, and displayed with the text of the report.


Alerting Groups or Task Force Teams may be alerted automatically.

Social Media

The app integrates to Facebook and Youtube to display content and alert the public.

iTALK Alerts & Reverse 911 Notifications

Cloud Based Alerts that Speak for Themselves.

iTALK is fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal, FriendFeed, DreamWidth, Delicious, Diigo, Instapaper, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(, YouTube, Wordpress, simply enter your post in iTALK, and it will automatically update to those networks. In the dashboard, the group, location or classification of the receiver is specified, permitting unique messages for Public Safety, Fire EMS, or any segmentation required to be designated.

  • Alerting Groups or Task Force Teams may be alerted automatically.
  • Two way Chat Permits two-way dialog with tipster (with user permission).
  • Social network architecture to facilitate information sharing, alerts, tips, and data sharing
  • Connect multiple jurisdictions, to share locally, regionally or statewide.

Chosen By Leaders, Suported by The Community.

Crimestoppers for the Facebook & Twitter Generation.

Think about how old word processing programs evolved to become Microsoft Office Suite and how televisions have become home entertainment centers with satellite and internet connections. iWatch� is that evolution.

Press conferences, press releases, public statements, and tips issued through the news media are still powerful tools � but they are not sufficient in today�s interconnected, Internet enabled world.


iThinQware services.

iPredict provides a mapping of tips based upon individual and to see the status of tips assigned to that individual and the disposition of tips (active, under investigation, closed by arrest, closed by other, need more information, already known, unverified, unfounded, nuisance, other)

The iCapture City-Wide Video Surveillance solution is designed to fill the gap between smartphone videos, home security video, commercial video and municipal video surveillance. It is the first Cloud Law Enforcement Video Recordere(CLEVR) that permits the connection to an unlimited number od cameras. locations and users, without requiring any client side hardware.

Technology has created a digitally connected America that is changing everything. It's a channel for Policing that has never before existed, and, until iWatch�, was unreachable and unknown. iWatch� Mobile is all the public needs to join Law Enforcement in fighting crime. Regardless of handset, carrier or language, anyone can use iWatch�

Instead of old, slow, phone trees, iTALK sends the text of the message to the phone, calling upon the speech encoder in the device to say the message. A klaxon sound precedes each message as an audio logo, permitting fire, weather, bolos, traffic or an unlimited set of possible sounds to be triggered.


Screenshots are live version. They were taken on iPhone 5.

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